‘Don’t You (Forget About Me)’

As I shut the door to my soon to be old apartment.. grabbing the last load of dirty laundry.. I really felt almost nothing; numb. I get in the car and what’s on the radio? Don’t You (Forget About Me). Are you kidding me? No longer numb.. and completely bombarded with wave after wave of emotion. There is no turning back now though. I have been ready for this for almost a year,.. whatever happens after this is left wide open. It’s time to gather up what is left of my life and fly south.



Everything happens for a reason, right?



‘Warranted Queen’ by Arum Rae

I’m moving again,.. some people spread their roots all over I guess. I suppose that gives me a larger foundation to build on. Good bye New York, good bye longest place I’ve ever lived. Hello Florida.. hello fresh start. Time to spread my wings again.



it looks like the tide is calling
send off is drawing near
the whistle blowing
the commander’s on the phone

I wont know your thoughts when I’m gone
I wont have a lot to say
but I’ll be bored of smiling when it ain’t at you

and its alright, its alright
its alright, its alright

why you’re my hand-me-down jean
i’m your warranted queen
my mouth on your spoon
goodnight red balloon

you play your cards with a mystery face
and use your golden grace
I’ll be sending my guards to come find you
I don’t know where to fall
or if this is love at all
but your lips on mine have branded a sign

but its alright, its alright
it’s alright, it’s alright

you’re my hand-me-down jean
I’m your warranted queen
my mouth on your spoon
goodnight red balloon

its alright …


Be Different

Be yourself, faults and all. Faults are what make us beautiful.. and you want to know the people in your life are there for the right reasons; that they are there no matter what.


Make changes everyday in your life that will do good for all.

Quit competing. Start supporting. This does not mean to quit succeeding (or trying). But do not succeed by using others like rungs on a ladder.

Do not be controlled by fear. If you are scared, then why would you step out of line and try something new; to go against the norm. Fear stops you from thinking for yourself. You become controlled by the fear that you could lose everything. What if you did lose it all. Everything that you worked so hard for?

If that is taken from you and you are left standing there with nothing; naked. All that you have is who you are. So, let’s hope you have a mind of your own. Nobody can take that. Nobody can take away your beliefs or values.

People who change the world are ordinary people. Made up from the same material as you and I. But they wanted change; they thought differently and had the will, the drive to implement that change.

Know yourself and your values because they cannot be stripped from you.

Be creative. Be an anarchist. Feed that fire.


Bob Dylan’s “The Times They Are a-Changin

“If your time to you is worth savin;

then you better start swimming or you’ll sink like a stone.”

“Come writers and critics who prophesize with your pen;

and keep your eyes wide open,

the chance won’t come again.

And don’t speak to soon.

For the wheel’s still spin and there is no tellin who that it’s namin.

For the loser now, will be later to win.”

“And don’t criticize what you don’t understand,

your sons and daughters are beyond your command.

The line is drawn, the curse is cast,

the slow one now will later be fast.

As the present now, will later be past.”


Continued from previous article about connections.


“We function better in a state of empathy, compassion and love than we do in a state of separation. In every traditional culture, the heart is considered the center of the self; not the brain. The heart contains an intelligence, it isn’t all gooey emotion. The heart is smart! The heart, when it beats, generates a large electromagnetic field. So, that field generated by the heart radiates external to the body. This is not the “aura”; this is a literal, measurable magnetic field. If you wire up two people we could measure one person’s heartbeat being detected by the other’s brain, and vise versa. Not only can we measure it, it can have a physiological effect.

The Heart Math Institute now believes that the human heart may be able to predict the future. In a protocol designed to measure our ability to predict a future event, such as showing a photograph of either a negative or a neutral event, they found that the body would respond prior to seeing the picture in a way that was far greater than chance. In other words, the body seemed to know what the future picture was going to be.


Experiments involving presentiment show people are aware of what is about to happen 3-5 seconds in the future. Even if the event that is going to happen hasn’t even been selected yet. They found that the heart is the first system to know this intuitive information. What that study did was confirm what a lot of great religions and philosophers have been saying for millennia: the heart is the primary access point to what one can call your spirit, or higher self.

All of Rumi’s poems were meant to open the heart. “What was said to the rose that made it open was said to me, here in my chest”-Rumi


Science has revealed how the world works and how we work. We are all part of a universal energy field. We are not separate. As Einstein said, the field is the only reality. The Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen experiment was done to demonstrate a hypothesis that bothered Einstein to no end. What he characterized as “spooky action at a distance”. Two electrons that had been in connection with each other and then went off at infinite distances; if a spin of one electron changed then the spin of the other electron would change at the same moment. There is no known mechanism for that because if something has to travel distances then there should be a factor of time. This should not happen simultaneously and is what physicists call quantum entanglement. Human emotionality creates a real energetic field that radiates out from us and that other living systems are attuned to.

Experiments involving thought and emotion effecting distant living systems have been performed time and again with the same results, always. We effect each other’s hearts and minds.


There is over 50 years of research now involving electronic devices designed to make random numbers; their sole purpose is equal to flipping a coin really fast. In the presence of strong emotionality, positive or negative, emotions are the key and not our thoughts. These emotions will cause those devices to stop being random; something has created an order that’s not supposed to be there. The 65 devices from around the world showed the biggest effect measured on this network during the Twin Towers attack of September 11. A huge correlated shift out of randomness on the worldwide network simultaneously.  So, when mass mind becomes highly focused, something about the physical environment changes as well. This is not just seen in random number generators. What we do on an individual level really does effect the global environment. This is the primordial mind/matter interaction. Conscious awareness is able to turn the potential fabric of reality into the world that we live in. This is similar to New Age beliefs that you create your reality. Consciousness is somehow linked into the behaviors of the quantum world. What we do changes the universe around us. Reality is a relationship between the parts. It only takes form when relationships happen. We are more interconnected to each other at a fundamental level than people realize or previously thought.

1% of air is an element called Argon that does not react with anything else; they are inert. You can actually calculate how many molecules of Argon in a breath of air. These Argon atoms were once in the bodies of Alexander the Great, Muhammad, Joan of Arc, Jesus Christ and even as far back as the dinosaurs; they will continue into the future as far as we can see.

We are connected by Argon.

Aboriginals are right. All of life is our biological kin. The most amazing thing discovered by the Human Genome Project is that over 99% of the genes in the human being are identical to the genes in our nearest relatives, the Great Apes; the fungi and trees too. These are our relatives.

“Just being in a body, and sentient, is a state of rapture.”-Rumi

The rose celebrates by falling apart and the clouds celebrate by weeping.

We Are Connected

Taken from the movie “I Am”; I will link a trailer at the end of the post. The movie mentions many topics in my blog, such as the Vague nerve, Mirror neurons and the electromagnetic energy of the human heart.

“When Darwin wrote the Descent of Man , he mentioned survival of the fittest twice and he mentioned the word love 95 times.

Darwin who is interpreted and popularized by Huxley. Huxley had a much gloomier view of human nature and really stressed the idea that the natural world was an anarchy of the strong treading the weak. That created this distorted thread that has been followed up to the present. This selfish gene. The idea that when you get down to the smallest unit of being and behavior and you find selfishness and self interest.

In 1871, Darwin wrote his first book about human nature and he said “when you think about how we evolved as a species; we’re not fast, we’re not strong, we don’t have big fangs, we don’t have the muscle mass that our primate relatives have. What we have is the ability to cooperate and to take care of others”.  And he said that sympathy is the strongest instinct in human nature. And sadly, historically the people who popularized Darwin ignored that part to Darwin. There are really sound reasons, deep survival/reproduction related reasons for why we have evolved to be good to others.

We are not just greedy creatures; if we also didn’t have some sense of community then the human race would not have persisted. So that’s wired in as well. Now science is seeing things like Mirror Neurons as an underlying reason for why we would be empathetic with other people.

The great apes, along with dolphins and possibly elephants, have something called a mirror neuron. And what was discovered was that if a monkey observes a behavior that it itself has performed in the past the same neuron lights up as if it itself is doing the action. In other words, there is something in the brain that doesn’t distinguish between self and others.

For example: When you see somebody suffering, you feel it; THAT is the Mirror Neuron.

So, we are really geared on a primordial level to feel what another person feels.

BIG parts of our nervous systems, our brains, little chemicals in our bloodstream; all shaped by genes, are there to help us connect, to care and to cooperate. There is this amazing bundle of nerves called the Vague nerve. If we show people images in the lab that are classic sources of wanting to connect… the Vague nerve FIRES. It’s when your chest expands and you tear up; you get this big rush. There is this sensation in the throat, a tear comes to your eye and there is sort of an elation in your chest.

Neurobiologist, Jonathan Haidt, asked people when they witnessed people helping in a  for example. Everybody describes this response, which he came to call ELEVATION. And he said that it shows that we are hard wired for a compassionate response to the trouble of others. That when people see this and have this powerful response that creates endorphins; creates the chemicals that we know are evolutionary reinforcements. Evolution likes us to feel this. It gives us this sense of elation.

An Approach Towards Ethics: neuroscience and development is Jonathan Haidt’s TED talk (neuroscience, psychology and development). His academic specialization is the psychology of morality and the moral emotions.

Feelings of moral elevation cause lactation in breast-feeding women, suggesting the involvement of the hormone oxytocin. There is now a large body of research on elevation and related emotions.

For further information on this subject, see “The Moral Foundations Theory”.

90-95% of the nerves carrying information from the body to the brain and not the other way around. The heart sends far more information to the brain than the brain sends to the heart. In a sense, the heart is the boss of us. They discovered that if you take readings of the interstitial beats of the heart (the space, or pause, in between heart beats), that the pause has a lot of information that can be monitored. That pause can tell us what kind of emotional state that person is in. The emotions are modulating the heart signal. They also found that positive states, particularly compassionate , are healthy for you. These states actually renew our physiology.

LOVE, CARE, GRATITUDE, and COMPASSION; all the things we tend to associate and label positive is for a reason. It’s because of the way that it effects our body. Our heart is beating out a message; it is in its optimal state. If the heart is sending a negative emotional message, or pattern, that literally inhibits our brain. We can’t think clearly. We get mad at someone; they say something  that ticks you off and then you say or do something that you later regret. You ask where was your brain? It was inhibited. Which is why anger makes us stupid. Where as positive emotions give you increased harmony, clearer thinking and better performance. It is the mode we are designed to operate from.”

… to be continued.

I Am, the trailer



"And the day came, when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom" – Anaïs Nin

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