She Is Hermetica

She is no longer disempowered.

She is breaking out of the shackles, the too narrow confines of the boxes she was forced in too long.

She is awakening to the depths of her soul, her Being.

She is born to the spiraling dance deep within her, anchored  into her womb, her very core power, her womanhood.

She is the virgin, the independent, the questing, the fearless, the strong, the woman who breaks all the norms and bonds of society.

She is the mother, who is born with questing spirit and soul, which refuses to have her offspring squashed at the very core of their soul, by education systems which break the natural creativity of the soul. She is protective of the young, and she allows them to blossom into the genius they were born into as soul.

She is the eternal wisdom keeper, the knowing which comes from deep within her.

She knows things of yore and beyond even that, and she rides the winds of infinity, cosmically.

She is not bound by convention. She laughs at the men and society who try to force her to look like this, to be like this, to squash her into physical forms which take away her natural curvaceous and luscious form and then laughs, at the way they cheapen sexuality and make women slaves of the whims of mortal man. She knows the dance of her own body ,and she loves every curve, everything which shows she is woman- totally woman- and she loves and honors her own body- and revels at her own uniqueness of form.

She uses precious oils and perfumes, for they speak to her core feminine soul and she surrounds herself with beauty. She surrounds herself with high energy crystals, and is in tune with Mother Earth. She loves walking barefoot and grounds herself firmly into the Mother who sustains her life force.

She only allows high frequency people into her life- the ones who are on the same wavelength as she is. She is no longer allowing her own frequencies to be jammed, and then zapped away. She is protective of her own space, and more than this her core inner sacred places, which she will share with no one but him who is worth of her.

She knowns that music is healing balm for the soul, and she allows the whole cosmos to sing through her. She is the sound of all which reverberates throughout the cosmos and it is sound of the spiraling dance within and without and in all.

She knows and treasures her infinite Divine connection to her own Father and Mother God. Her love for them knows no bounds.

She surrenders her life, her being, to the highest possible service. She thrives in doing just that but she keeps crystal clear boundaries, which will not allow others to take advantage of her, nor to abuse her natural kindness and generosity, her loving soul and spirit and to zap her dry- or to stress her out. She knows that she only serve, if her own soul is fully there, and present, and fully charged.

She is a free spirit. Her soul has no boundaries, she is infinite and cosmic.

She consciously works at dissolving the emotional baggage, the pain. She thrives on Grace and Forgiveness, and she knows that the more she sheds of the emotional pain, the more rejuvenated and younger and reborn she becomes. She knows that inner harmony and peace work better than any beauty treatment to cure, and that when she is brought back to the very core of her soul, her being, her own inner guidance and knowing always pull her through.

She breaks the norm.

She stands her ground.

She becomes immovable in her determination, her bravery, and her sheer dedication to speak the truth. So long she often could not voice the unspeakable which was happening to her. So often she had to shout her pain and abuse to the heavens, and she was made the scapegoat, the one who had to suffer for the untruths being told about her.

She shines in her truth, her integrity, her refusal to wear masks. She is authentic and real. She has no need to hide her own inner soul self. She shines her light and love everywhere.

She is growing in her greatness, and she is no longer shrinking from truly living her highest soul purpose and calling, with ALL that she’s got.

She is glowing. She is prospering.

She is validating herself. She is learning to love all of herself, totally, completely, utterly and she thrives being whole and complete.

She no longer wishes for a man to validate her, nor does her neediness beg him to love her. She now consciously chooses to rather walk her path alone, nor live lies, nor give her own power away.

She prays for a man- a real man- a soul-empowered man, who is whole and complete, deep within himself. One who will not cringe away from the Goddess within her, nor from the God within himself. He is whole and complete within himself, as she is whole and complete within herself.

Their coming together, the hidden alchemy which is only granted those who truly know themselves at the core. They who finally conquered their own inner dragons; they are courageous, powerful, and true. Yet that power is carefully harnessed, and the ego is under control. Ego has no place in the core of the greatest love between God and Goddess, as they merge into ONE and the same, in the balance, harmony and profound, exquisite beauty- way beyond what mankind understands. For they lost the greater knowing a long time ago.

She rises, she dances the spiraling dance. She is the free spirit, the haunting music, the energy which brings about the rebirth, the renewal, the creative force.


She is the pure unconditional love.

The brilliance of the Fire of Illumination.

The catalyst.

The Force.

The very Soul of the first Soul, the Soul-force of Creation.

She is pure, she is now.



Top 10 when Visiting Sanibel Island for Seashells


Do you want an isolated place to get away, with a tropical feel but still easy to get to? Consider visiting Sanibel Island. This quiet Island is known for its beautiful seashells that wash ashore at all times of the day. Sanibel and Captiva extend like a bent finger into the sea, curling into the Gulf of Mexico and into the path of storms. This island is on par with Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, having more than 200 species of seashells; one of the Earth’s largest natural selections.

Also something to admire is the emphasis residents have made to preserve this treasured piece of land.  And no stoplights! You will see local police directing traffic at peak times of the day. No large chains; no McDonald’s or Dunkin Donuts. They heavily support local business, and those businesses thrive! So, what are the top 10 tips when visiting Sanibel and Captiva Islands.. specifically for shelling?

1)     Captiva Cruises: Captiva Island is just a short drive from Sanibel and is known for being even more private and just as beautiful. Cayo Costa State Park, located next to Captiva Island, has nine miles of beautiful beaches only accessible by boat. This is an ideal spot for shelling, hiking and biking. Captiva Cruises manages a ferry from Captiva to this location and it’s number one on my list when I return.

2)    The best season for shelling is during the winter months. December and January are great, but February and March are the perfect due to the extreme tides.

3)     Check the tides before you begin shelling because the hour before and after low tide is best.

4)    The winds have an effect on shell patterns, too. Northwest winds are best for Captiva and southwest winds are great for the lighthouse end of Sanibel. Shelling after a storm with west winds gives the best results anytime.

5).    Shelling during a New or Full moon reveals some of the most amazing finds because of the tidal effect.

6)     Bring a bucket or net bag and a scoop to collect shells. Shuffle your feet in the sand to expose partially hidden mollusks and scare fish away.

7)    The general rule is that the smaller shells are found on the Lighthouse end of the island chain and larger ones at the Captiva and North Captiva end.

8).    Jujonia shells are the islands most coveted shells and anyone who finds one get their picture in the local paper. It’s milky chamber is covered with brown spots.

9)     Watch for gray fins rippling through the waves to catch a glimpse of some bottlenose dolphins. They generally travel in groups of 2-6, visiting the island shores and waters to feed. Chances are you will see a pod while swimming or boating.

10)     It is illegal to take “live” shells, sand dollars and starfish from the ocean so don’t unless you want a fine.

To clean the shells, put them in a 50\50 bleach and water solution for a few hours or overnight. Remove any barnacles or other matter with a pick or a toothbrush. Then wipe them with mineral or baby oil to shine.

And BAM! My favorite finds using these tips, except that I went in July.

"And the day came, when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom" – Anaïs Nin

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